Creative Physical Computing


This is a tutorial for creating the botduino, a web-controlled robot which uses an arduino board.

Stuff you’ll need:

Solder some stuff together. (wear body armor whilst soldering)

So now you’re gonna create the motor controller, I used this tutorial to create the botduino controller. The L239 chips are designed to control two motors but as I couldn’t get two working with a single chip, I used two chips to control one motor each.

This is what my boarduino controller looks like –

The 9v is going into the controller and is the power source for the motors. Arduino BT can only be powered by a maximum of 5.5v so I used 2 AA batteries to power it separately – but I recommend you use 3 AA batteries as they will undoubtedly last longer.

This tutorial will help you with an arduino and motor controller

So now you shoul have the batteries, motor controller, motors and arduino BT mounted on your chassis. Use the double stick tape to hold things down, but make sure you get it right first time, as that tape is a pain to remove. I used lego motors as well as lego wheels, so they fitted together perfectly;

but your wheels may not fit tightly on your motor so use some hot glue to tighten things up a bit.

Remember to share ground! Here’s a silly little schematic for you:


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